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SUMMARY – With over 19 years of experience in business development, marketing and sales, Anthony has been able to bring vision and leadership to launch and develop new markets in Canada, Latin America and the Middle East. His expertise includes designing sales and marketing strategies, leading sales teams while using business analytics and CRMs to build and manage partner relationships.

Anthony joined Bombardier in late 2018, as Senior Analyst, Marketing and Sales on the Sales Engineering team in Bombardier’s Business Aircraft division. His role entailed pioneering new strategies to generate leads in the aftermarket industry for the Business Aircraft division. In Nov 2019 he was part of the core that founded a Digital Transformation team in Bombardier Aviation, working on digital partnerships and the connected aircraft program.

Most recently, Anthony spent 5 years fostering long-term relationships with travel wholesale and agency partners, leading Rocky Mountaineer’s Canadian and Mexican trade-facing sales team in their business development and growth initiatives.

Previously, he founded and led a leisure travel company for 10 years, creating custom adventure and humanitarian trips for schools, taking thousands of Quebec high school students on unique trips to over 30 countries.

Before that, Anthony developed the Americas for the world’s largest aluminum commercial dock manufacturer.

Out of university, he worked sales and advertising, developing the marketing with C-suite clients in Colombia, Lebanon and Morocco.



BOMBARDIER AVIATION – Digital Partnership Strategy, Digital Transformation, Business Aviation – Since Nov 2019 


  • Creating the digital partnership model, allowing for partners to access Bombardier’s upcoming digital ecosystem
  • Establishing a data valuation system for the data exchanges between 3rd party app vendors and Bombardier
  • Setting up the company’s first flight planning & aircraft performance digital partnerships, ensuring Bombardier can protect it’s IP while sharing the crucial performance and aircraft health monitoring data
  • Acting as liaison between Product, Marketing & Communications re: Bombardier’s Connectivity Solutions
  • Pitching the Connected Aircraft program to customers/aircraft operators for the Global 7500
  • Supporting the Connected Aircraft program: Smart Link Plus as a liaison w/ MKT & Comms.
  • Supporting the Aftermarket Product’s Sales Enablement team (Sales Engineering and Analytics) by being the liaison with MKT & Comms
  • Building a client experience roadmap to enable the prioritization of strategic digital imperatives
  • Establishing a SharePoint deployment strategy in the Business Aircraft Aftermarket product team


  • Heavily involved in the successful launch of Bombardier’s Connectivity Services, driving clear value propositions and working closing with GE’s Marketing team as well as ensuring an optimal deployment (internal and external) strategy
  • Helped reimagine the Connected Aircraft Program’s key messages to solidify the Global 7500’s Smart Link Plus program customer subscription rate

BOMBARDIER AVIATION – Senior Analyst, Marketing & Sales – aftermarket for Business Aircraft – Dec 2018-Nov 2019 


  • Acted as a Sales and Marketing arm to the Sales Engineering team
  • Collaborated with Marketing, Product Development, Communications, Analytics and Sales to create a forward-thinking, strategic approach to capturing aftermarket revenue
  • Defined new sales processes and prioritizing opportunities
  • Analyzed market data to establish strategies for creating demand
  • Identified ways of generating/capturing new leads for Bombardier’s aftermarket products
  • Worked on the digitalization of the various aspects of the team: data capture, CRM usage, tailored digital media
  • Helped extract the high level messaging from the Sales Engineering team to enable streamlined and targeted messaging to the market
  • Worked with Marketing and Communications to execute the product strategies
  • Established a new process to extract timely social media content from the front lines (at the aircraft maintenance centres)


  • Created a one-page summary view for upper management to quickly assess opportunities for aftermarket product sales
  • Initiated a new process for creating a Social Media content pipeline
  • Transferred team’s projects onto Office 365 suite via Planner & Sharepoint
  • Worked with McKinsey Consulting on a revamped online parts ordering site


  • Initiated a new process for creating a Social Media content pipeline
  • Transferred team’s projects onto Office 365 suite via Planner & Sharepoint

PROJECTS – Working with consultants on:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Intuitive Aircraft / Aircraft Health Monitoring System

ROCKY MOUNTAINEER – National Sales Manager, Canada and Mexico- 2017-2018


Led Rocky Mountaineer’s trade-facing sales team in Canada and Mexico with their business development and growth initiatives across all trade channels:


  • Established dynamic growth strategies for retail, group and wholesale distribution channels
  • Coached my team in achieving their individual targeted distribution partner’s sales targets
  • Ensured the team’s proper use of Salesforce to monitor and report partner progress
  • Developed marketing plans with distribution partners and implementing these strategies in their markets
  • Identified dynamic sales opportunities and devising strategies and tactics to maximize sales
  • Worked with Trade Marketing to plan, negotiate and monitor promotional advertising


  • Aligned to achieve another record breaking year for Canada’s revenue in 2018
  • Led the BDM team to winning CAA Travel’s Supplier of the Year award in 2017 (2nd yr)
  • Successfully led the company’s expansion into the Mexican market
  • Won 4 team awards at the yearly RM Sales Conference for top MKT campaign, top wholesaler partner growth, top individual territory growth, top team revenue growth (globally)
  • Created a partnership ROI dashboard tool to manage marketing budgets and overrides

ROCKY MOUNTAINEER – Regional Business Development Manager, Eastern Canada – 2014-2017



  • Generated business through the development of close relationships with the retail, wholesale and tour operators
  • Responsible for the national accounts of Transat Distribution & Maritime Travel
  • Strategized to better focus marketing and communication efforts in the territory
  • Used Salesforce to analyze reports, target & update accounts
  • Builded a geographic account development map using Environics (PRIZM) data
  • Devised customized Marketing plans with key accounts
  • Trained key partner agencies on how to build their business through Rocky Mountaineer
  • Partnered up with agencies and wholesalers for public and private consumer events


  • Grew revenue in QC past historical plateau via pre-identified focus: group departures
  • Won a company-wide team challenge to propose a new low season promotion format
  • Grew territory responsibility from QC to include North-East ON and Atlantic Canada
  • Built growing partnerships with consortia accounts that had little to no history of activity
  • Created a new personalized communication tool for the thousands of B2B partners
  • Was a key factor in the success of the company’s first ever fully French departure
  • Successfully used as a “guinea pig” on various technological improvements (Salesforce use, Geopointe, Salesforce mobile, intranet access, expensing mobile app)

KEPRI EXPEDITIONS – Cofounder, Marketing & Business Development Montreal – 2005-2013

Kepri Expeditions organizes international group trips for high school students in Quebec.


  • Developed business plan, created corporate brand and launched the startup
  • Managed sales and production teams and built relationships with institutional clients
  • Designed strategies to pierce and develop new markets
  • Forecasted project demand to reserve dates with suppliers and buy currency futures
  • Launched direct marketing campaigns and organized trade shows
  • Hired and trained sales team as well as freelance guides from 30+ countries
  • Analyzed project profitability via internally created performance sheets
  • Implemented organizational tools: CRM-SRM (HighriseHQ), templates, file sharing (Google Drive, OS X Server) etc.
  • Created project management processes and tools (Basecamp and Google Drive)
  • Created cloud-based tools to manage project budgets and logistics in detail
  • Identified cost control mechanisms to improve profitability
  • Created and managed customer satisfaction surveys and employee evaluations
  • Overall administration, reporting, employee performance analysis, etc.


  • Brought in CAD $5 M+ in revenue
  • Averaged new market revenue growth of 50% in the last 4 years
  • Achieved a 10% net profit in a typical 2-5% net profit industry
  • Developed the product concept differentiating Kepri from the competition
  • Maintained excellent client satisfaction, loyalty and retention (90%)
  • Developed environmental and humanitarian projects in 10+ countries
  • Designed cultural exchange itineraries in 30+ countries

PORALU MARINE – Business Development Montreal – 2004-2006 

Poralu Marine is the global leader in commercial aluminum docks.


  • Networked developers, government agents, engineering consultants, marina operators, landscape architects and general contractors
  • Delivered technical presentations to decision-makers in the marine industry
  • Scheduled 12 meetings/week when traveling in North America


  • Sold CAD $250,000 of commercial docks for marinas & yacht clubs in the Americas
  • Sold the company’s first docks in the U.S.A. and Cayman Islands
  • Wrote an article on the negative effects of dock shadows on marine life

BIG MEDIA GROUP – International Sales Rep *Various – 2003-2004 

Big Media Group is an advertorial ad agency that operates around the world.


  • Interviewed top government officials and CEOs to publish advertorials
  • Wrote the content via Q&A’s and sold advertising space
  • Completed reports in prestigious media: i.e. New York Observer, CNBC Europe


  • Sold USD $230,000 in investment report sponsorship
  • Got interviews with 40+ government officials: i.e. the President of Colombia, the Governor of the Central Bank in Lebanon, the Minister of Finance in Morocco
  • Interviewed 350 CEO’s in Colombia, Lebanon and Morocco

COLLEGE PRO PAINTERS – Franchise Owner Montreal – 2000-2002

College Pro painting franchises are offered to students who want to learn to run their own business.


  • Marketed and sold exterior residential painting jobs
  • Bought equipment for, hired, trained and managed 12 painters


  • While a full-time university student, surpassed sales targets
  • Sold and produced CAD $150,000 of contracts
  • Went from 55% sales success ratio in the 1st year to 75% in the 2nd year
  • Increased profitability and efficiency by 50% in the 2nd year


  • Microsoft Office365 Suite (SharePoint, Planner, Teams, Powerpoint, etc) + Keynote (advanced)
  • Salesforce, GeoPointe,, Box
  • GoToMeeting, Webex, JoinMe, TeamViewer
  • Google Drive: online office apps
  • Mailchimp, 37signals suite of products
  • WordPress website management
  • Adobe Photoshop, GraphicConverter, Illustrator (basic)


  • Fluent in English, French and Spanish
  • Working knowledge of Italian
  • Basic knowledge of Arabic and Greek


  • Bus. Development in new markets
  • Breaking growth barriers
  • Creating innovative Strategies
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainable travel/ecotourism
  • Goaltending in competitive adult hockey







  • Vis Vires: a private club of professionals that focuses on better understanding the challenges in today’s society
  • Rocky Mountaineer Diversity & Inclusion Committee: working on various items such as analyzing employee equity reports and creating infographics to brainstorming ideas and executing projects to celebrate the company’s diverse cultures.


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